Thursday, March 21, 2013

25th Anniversary of the Jensen's

While perusing through old newspapers the other day I came upon this notice of my great grandparents anniversary party.  It was in the Warren Sheaf., December 02, 1914, page 6.

"Last Sunday afternoon, Mr. and Mrs. Martin Jensen were made the victims of a pleasant surprise by a best of their neighbors and friends.  The occasion for this event, was the 25th, or silver wedding anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Jensen. From about two o'clock in the afternoon until almost dark people were arriving at the Jensen home, each bringing vessel well filled with the very choicest of viands the land affords, which were placed on a long table stretching the full length of the spacious dining room, presenting a sight calculated to tempt the appetite of the most fastidious. And it would be but mildly stated, to say that all present did ample justice toward relieving that table of its great burden, and at the same time filling an empty void.

"After all had partaken to their hearts as well as stomach's delight, many basketsful of fragments remained. Supper being over, and everything cleared away the young folks engaged in music and various games and thus spent the time in a pleasant manner, while the men discussed all the topics pertaining to farming from the raising of alfalfa, clover, hogs and corn, and wound up on the outcome of the great European war, while the topics discussed by better halves, as overheard in part, was mostly concerning hats, frocks and pretty babies, and the price of poultry.  Well, maybe they did converse about other matters that we failed to catch.

"The bride and groom of a quarter of a-century, were the recipients of many beautiful presents appropriate to the occasion. At a late hour of the evening, after the self-invited guests had expressed their wishes for many years more of connevial bliss, they took their departure, realizing that it was good to have been there. Following is a list of the families represented at this gathering: S. J. Grandstrand and family; J. W. Swanson and family; C. E. Johnson and family; C. Poison and family; L. C. Jorgenson and family; J. W. Field and family; A. Lundin and family; S, Lundin and family; S. P. Jensen and family; Nels Jensen and family: Jens Jensen and family; Hans and Mrs. Christofferson, Mrs. Christofferson and daughters, of Stephen; Joseph Thorkildson and sister; Miss Magda, John Jensen and Jens Hanson."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Martin Jensen's 2nd wife

For many years I have tried to find information on the second wife of my great grandfather, Martin Jensen.  I have a photo of 2 women in a picture that my grandmother claims is Minnie and her daughter, but I have yet to confirm or find notice of a daughter born to Wilhelmina Louise Mott. 

But today, while going through some old newspapers on-line, I came across 2 articles about Mrs Martin Jensen. 

Mott-Jensen Nuptials
Married three weeks ago at Thief River Falls, Martin Jensen, veteran rural carrier out of the Stephen office, kept his matrimonial alliance a secret from his friends at this point until the forepart of the present week, when a box of fragrant "perfectos" made their appearance simultaneously with an announcement of the event.  The bride was Mrs. Wilhelmina Louise Mott, a former Thief River Falls resident, and the wedding ceremony was performed by the Rev. Chas. Geflinger at his home in that city, on Tuesday, September 26. The bride and groom were unattended, and came to Stephen immediately after the ceremony, to make their home in Mr. Jensen's home just south of town. Stephen people will extend a hearty welcome to the bride, together with every good wish for the happiness and prosperity of the newlyweds.

Warren Sheaf, October 25, 1922, page 2

Coroner Clarence Hiaasen was called to Stephen Monday to ascertain the cause of the sudden death of Mrs. Martin Jensen. Mrs. Jensen was doing her household duties as usual Monday morning when she suddenly fell dead. At the coroner's examination the cause of death was attributed to acute dilation of the heart. Mr. and Mrs. Jensen had been married for only two months, and the sympathy of
many friends in this vicinity goes out to Mr. Jensen for his sad bereavement.
—Argyle Banner.

Warren Sheaf, November 29, 1922, page 5

My next move is to research Thief River Falls for more information on the Motts.