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1966 - Rollin Glewwe Files for Senate

     Now that the election process is well underway, I would like to share what it is like to run a successful campaign from a personal point of view.  Forty-five years ago, my father, Rollin B Glewwe, a produce manager at the local grocery store, started on his political career with the filing for State Senator of Dakota County, Minnesota. 

     A front page article in the "REPORTER", a weekly paper serving South St. Paul and Inver Grove Heights, MN, dated Wednesday, July 27, 1966 states:

Rollin Glewwe Files For Senate
     Last-minute entry in the District 12 State Senate race is Rollin Glewwe, 33, of 138 W. MacArthur, South St. Paul, produce manager at Glewwe Food Markets.

     Incumbent Paul Thuet, 401 Marian Place, South St. Paul, also faces opposition in the primary from William Touhy of Eagan.  Thuet was endorsed by the DFL for the legislative seat.
     Glewwe, past president of the South St. Paul Chamber of Commerce and long active in community affairs, issued the following statement:
Filing Statement

     "Concern over the growing problems of northern Dakota county has prompted me to file as a candidate for the State Senate.  The civic activities I have been involved in over the past 13 years have given me an insight into these problems and a desire to continue to attempt to find solutions to them.
     My campaign will be based on a 4-point 4-square program of development for Dakota county that will be spelled out in detail as the election nears.  The points will include: (1) Economic opportunity - More jobs for and in Dakota county by continuing to do everything in my power to encourage greater business and industrial expansion into our countys' industrial parks and areas.  (2) Recreational Opportunity - Northern Dakota county had more natural beauty and recreation facility potential than many of the other metropolitan counties.  Park and camping areas should be developed so as to provide all residents use of these facilities within short driving distance from their homes.  Out-of-state tourists now make it a point to drive straight through Minnesota because of the lack of overnight campsites.

     When elected I will do everything I can to put northern Dakota county and all of Minnesota on the tourist maps of the vacation industry.

Tax Reform

     (3)  Tax reform - Regressive sales taxes are not the answer to state and county financing.  I am opposed to any attempt to shift the tax burden to those less able to pay. Tax reform is needed, however, because northern Dakota county has many young families, raising small children, as well as many retired people living on fixed incomes.  Rising real estate taxes are becoming oppressive to them, and we need relief in this area.

     Through a vigorous campaign to bring industrial expansion into Dakota county we can effectually spread the tax base to partially give relief.  In addition, I will urge federal legislation requiring the federal government to return to the states a portion of the federal income tax we now pay.  The federal government should share this money on a 'No Strings Attached' basis, giving credit to those states, like Minnesota, who are already taxing their citizens heavily.  Such a program will reduce the need for additional new taxes.


(4) Integrity and Genuine Concern - I pledge to represent the citizens of Dakota county with integrity that will not be overcome by conflict of interest, nor watered down by political obligation to an inefficient and scandal-ridden state administration.

     I pledge genuine, FULL TIME concern for seeking solutions to the problems of all the citizens of Dakota county - concern which will not allow my attention and energy to be side-tracked to the internal bickering of a political party in disarray.

     I remember several years ago when serving as president of the South St. Paul Jaycees we instituted  community survey that revealed problems crying out for a solution.  The solution of these problems involved me with the city government and the South St. Paul-Inver Grove Heights Chamber of Commerce in many areas of activity.

     Last year, serving as president of the Chamber of Commerce and on the City Charter Commission, I was able to study these problems even closer and formulated programs that even now are in progress and in many instances completed.  As president of the Chamber of Commerce last year, I was gratified to have the opportunity to welcome new industries to the area which brought 300 new jobs, over a million dollars of new payroll, and $10 million of industrial investment which broadened the tax base of our area.  As your senator I will see that an all out effort is made to increase this trend in northern Dakota county.

     Over the last six years United Fund work brought me into closer contact with the leaders of the packinghouse and stockyards unions.  As a member of the Amalgamated Meat Cutters, Butchers, Workmen and Food Handlers of North America myself, I found we had a common interest in solving the needs of northern Dakota county.
      It is with this background and a burning desire to continue to serve that I place my name on the ballot and sincerely solicit your support."
     Mr. Glewwe and his wife, Joan, have four children, Rae Marie, 12, LouAnn, 10, Scott, 5 and Barbara, 4.
     Glewwe was selected by the South St Paul Reporter as its 1965 'Man of the Year'.

     He served as president of SSPaul Jaycees, state director twice, winner of the Jaycee Distinguished Service Award in 1962, president of the SSPaul Development Corp., president of the 1966 United Fund and president of the Chamber of Commerce during 1965.


     Getting $10 million in new industrial plants and facilities, originating the first official studies and surveys for renewal of Concord St. area, working on contracts for 2.7 miles of permanent floodwall, finalizing plans for the $500,000 addition to the South St. Paul post office, creating a new city charter commission, etc.

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