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Glewwe Heads C of C (1964)

November 1964___________________________________________

Glewwe Heads C of C _________________Makes Good

   "On January 1, 1965 Rollin Glewwe will add another hat to a collection which represents leadership in a multitude of action organizations.  At 31 he will be one of the youngest men ever to take the helm of the South St. Paul Chamber of Commerce, a position to which he was elected last month.
   As President, Rollie will be responsible for shaping the policy of the Chamber for the year 1965 - and for establishing standards which will be followed for years thereafter.  For an idea of the kind of job Rollie is likely to do one need only to look to the record which he compiled as President of the South St. Paul Jaycees in 1961-62.
   A fertile "idea" man, Rol instituted programs that year which are having lasting affect on this community.  One of the first was a community attitude survey.  Then there was the institution of a study of annexation.  And then the "Saddle City" shopping complex which stimulated the birth of urban renewal.
   His work for the betterment of his hometown resulted in Rollie's selection as the Outstanding Young Man of 1962, an Outstanding President Key from the Minnesota Jaycees and the Willis Edgell Memorial award as the outstanding Jaycee in his chapter.  He has worked his way up to President in just a few years of activity in the Chamber.  He is also a member of the newly-appointed City Charter Commission.
   While he has devoted much time in the last couple of years to Chamber of Commerce work, Rollie has never lost sight of the value of Jaycees in the development of young men.  He has spent countless hours assisting succeeding Jaycee presidents with his counsel and Jaycees projects with a helping hand, usually the left hand - equipped with a half-inch paint brush and directed by a fantastic imagination."
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