Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A Last Minute Decision

     Just over 45 years ago, Rollin Glewwe, took the advice of his family, friends and co-workers and filed for the office of State Senator from District 12, Northern Dakota County.  In a 40-page report written by Donn Waage, an election intern, it stated about the candidate:
     "Mr. Glewwe is of Welsh descent and attends the Baptist church.  He is soft-spoken, but frank, sincere and considerate man.  When he speaks, people listen because they know he has something to say.  He goes out of his way for people and is always willing to listen to others.  He's genuinely concerned with the problems of Dakota County and is deeply interested in seeing his district, as well as the State as a whole, grow and prosper.  When he speaks publicly, he speaks aggressively and with confidence.  When speaking informally, he speaks mildly, but with that same confidence.  And finally, he has a good sense of humor.  He recognizes the lighter side of politics which I think is an important part, for it makes the pressure and disappointments bearable."

Waage continues on the next page How One Becomes a Candidate.
     "Rollin Glewwe has been an active party worker for most of his life.  However, his candidacy for Senate this election was a last minute decision.  Harold LeVander, the newly elected Governor, asked Mr. Glewwe's employer, Elmer Stassen, to talk Rollin into running.  During the morning of the last filing date, Mr. Stassen spoke to Mr. Glewwe about it.  For the rest of the day, Rollie discussed this with his wife, his parents, and her parents.  He felt that his entry into the political spectrum would involve all of these people and wanted their approval.  Fifteen minutes before deadline, he filed.
     The candidate decided to run for office because he wanted to affect some changes and accomplish some things which could not be accomplished at his present level of involvement.  He became disturbed with present representation of this district and the administration as a whole.  He had some ideas for solving problems of Minnesota, and was confident that he could provide more effective leadership in state government than his opponent.  And he was assured of tremendous support which he received."

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