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Glewwe for Senate Headquarters Opens

   The September 28, 1966 issue of the South St Paul Reporter ran an inside page article on the opening of Rollin Glewwe's hedquarters for the State Senate campaign.

Glewwe for Senate Headquarters Opens
     Glewwe for Senate Headquarters opened this week with a meeting of Glewwe volunteers throughout northern Dakota County.  The headquarters is located on Southview Boulevard in South St. Paul between 7th and 8th Avenues.
     Glewwe campaign chairman I.T. Simley of South St. Paul and campaign secretary Peggy Grossman of Burnsville reported to the volunteer leaders on the success of the primary campaign and plans for the campaign to the general election.
     Finance chairman J.C. Michelson and treasurer Gorden Engfer reported that the volunteer committee had already received many $1 to $5 individual contributions to the Glewwe campaign from people in both political parties and independents.
     Senate candidate Rollin Glewwe spoke to the committee and expressed his gratitude for their efforts.  He indicated his appreciation to the voters for their support in the primary and his special pleasure with the many people who are helping with their donations to fiance the campaign.
     "Our campaign is with and for the people of our district," Glewwe said, "and these one and two dollar contributions mean solid support from hundreds of people.  It's a much greater assurance of support and eventual success than a campaign financed by a political party or by an endorsing organization."
     In the area of voter contact, chairman Jim Lennon of West St. Paul reported Glewwe for Senate organizations being set up at the ward and precinct level in every community in the district.  "We're having no trouble getting people to work on this campaign," Lennon reported, "because Glewwe's record of community service in northern Dakota County has sold everyone on his ability to do a real job for them in the Minnesota Senate."
     The Glewwe volunteer headquarters on Southview Boulevard will be open daily to coordinate all volunteers who want to work on the campaign, need lawn signs or other assistance.  Headquarters telephone number is 455-7889.

The color of this bumper sticker is flourescent orange aginst a blue background.  The scan does not do justice to the vibrancy of this sticker, still looking good after all these years.  He also used for campaign literature a table-top card that folded in half to be set upon tables and the like. 

When opened up the inside read:

The back side of this campaign piece had another slogan, the usual information of who was the campaign chairman, treasurer and most importantly the union label.

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