Friday, June 17, 2011

And I thought it would be easy.....

So it's a new day and I'm thinking I should continue on with the great grandfathers and finish up by Father's Day, but as I look for pictures or stories of the other side, I see how many missing leaves I have on my own tree or at least pictures of said relatives.

I came across a letter written by Ethel Glewwe about her relatives.  This was before the internet and ability to look up records in an easy way.  She wrote "Facts or heresay on Rebecca - no knowledge of her husband, but Rebecca, born in England, Scottish descent and came to Ontario, Canada in the early 1800's, died in Washington state or Oregon.  She was 101 years old."

According to the records I have found on line or from someone else's notes...I have a Rebecca Wilson who was born in Nov 1782 in Windsor, Nova Scotia, and died in 1847.  She married George Hymers, who was born in April 1784 in Judburgh, Scotland before emmigrating to Canada.  He died in 1873.  Not 101 years by a long shot.  But there is more.

The note continues," There was according to citizenship records 2 sons who followed the California Gold Rush and was killed by Indian attacks and never reached their destination, another son settled in Canada and was named Tom, who had a son named Carl and lived in Saskatchewan.  There was two known daughters, Rebecca and Sarah.  Rebecca married and is a part of the Cook's who live in Oklahoma and was in her 90's when she died in her daughter's home, (who is married to Bob Cook).  Sarah married Jim Crozier and settled in Summerbury, Saskatchewan, Canada."  Rebecca and George Hymers did have 8 children, one being Frank Hymers who had two daughters named Rebecca and Sarah.  I must do more investigating to make sure this is the same Rebecca of which we read.  And this is why I love genealogy research!

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