Monday, June 27, 2011

Summertime in MN

Kelton Glewwe cleaning fish at Lake Marion
 When the temperature wanders into the 80's or 90's or settles into the 100 degree weather, Minnesotans "go UP to the Lake".  We went up to Lake Marion near Perham, MN for many years in the 60's and 70's. Mom's sister, Bette, and her husband, Bud Ross had property on the lake and invited us to come up for the weekends.  Beside a trailer for the Ross family, there was the green delivery truck turned camper for my grandparents and the station wagon turned camper for my folks.  We kids bunked where we could or slept out in tents. 

Our routine consisted of our dad getting home from work late on Fridays, packing the car, driving for 5 hours, unpacking, go to sleep, get up and play, pack and go home.  Turn around and do it again the next weekend!

We swam, played cribbage or 500 in the camper, fished with Grandpa, waterskiied, went to Cal's (If he didn't have it, he could get it.  If he couldn't get it, they didn't make it!) country store, cooked suppers over the campfire, did dishes outside, and sat around and told stories.  Sunday services were under the canopy of trees at the church in a nearby town, and the Twins ballgame was always on Grandpa B's radio.  Grandma B always had a stash of blond brownies and ginger cookies in a plastic pail on the dashboard of the camper and the drinks were cold and the temperature hot!

Those were the "crazy daze" of summer for us!

Joan Glewwe, Kelton Glewwe, Hazel Brossoit & LouAnn Glewwe

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