Friday, July 22, 2011

Census Reports and more

Today, while rechecking information on Martinus Jensen, I found out a few more items I did not know prior.  To make sure you have the right person in the right town at the right time you look at federal or state census reports and see if you can follow along a timeline.  While looking at information, first I discovered that Martins folks, Neils (or Nels) did not speak English by choice (I assume) because he could read and write in English, and that Maren could neither read, nor write or speak English.  

Martin and Laura were married in 1889.  The 1900 census and well as the 1895 state census called their oldest daughter by her middle name "Celia".  Also, a newly found fact, in 1895, Laura's sister Augusta Toombs, had moved in with them and her two young children, Edward, 4, and Frank, age one.  This information was all new to me and the existance of Edward and Frank have given me another trail to follow.

By 1900, Augusta and kids were out and Martin, Laura and their 4 kids were in.  By 1905, the state census show that Martin's father has passed on and his mother, Maren, lived with them.  I cannot find the Jensen family in the 1910 census, but will continue to search for them.....somewhere.

By 1920, they are back where I left them in Tamarac Village, Marshall County, with 6 kids at home and Marion (Celia) and Nellie married.  Anna is a teacher and the sons are all working as farm laborers and Hazel is attending school.  By 1930, only Martin, Hazel and Marvin (Hazel's son) are listed.

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