Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Toombs - the other side of the coin.

My intention is to finish the story of Hazel and move onto her husband Omer, but before that, I need to give what information I have on the Toombs family.  Laura Frances Toombs was the second child of George Washington Toombs and Cecelia Augusta Decker.  She was born in Siersville, New York, on 29 Mar 1870.  George, her father was the son of Robert and Sally Toombs.  I can find Robert and family in the 1860 census in New York.  By 1870 census George has been married for 6 years and had two children, Alonzo and Laura. 

By 1880, George has added 2 more sons to this union, Augusta and Robert.  By 1885, George, wife Cecelia, Alonzo, Laura, Gusta, Robert and 2 more daughters, Grace and Maude have moved to Tamarac Village in Minnesota.  The 1885 Minnesota census has five additional men living with the family, the youngest being M. Jensen from Denmark.  (I believe that this most likely is Martin, who 4 years later is married to Laura when she turned 19.)  Another interesting note that in this census, family # 24 is the G.W. Toomb family.  Family # 30 is the Alex Brossoit family.  Forty-five years later, G.W.'s granddaughter, Hazel, will marry Alex's youngest son, Omer. 

In 1888, the Marshall County Leader newspaper reported that were 398 people living in Stephen, Minnesota.  November 1889, Laura Toombs married Martin Jensen and in 1890, the Marshall paper reported that Dennis Hanna bought more land from Narcisse Parent, increasing his total acreage to three full sections.  G.W. Toombs was listed as the farm manager. 

From this point, there is not much more to tell about George.  His wife, Cecelia died June 2, 1898 and George, 55,  now alone with only Grace, 17,  and Maude, 15, remarries by September of the same year to Anna M Stewart, 31 years old.  Some families have speculated that George and Anna have 6 more children and move to Oregon, but I need to verify this before I'm certain.

In 1898, daughter Laura is 28 years old, married with three children and keeping house in Sinnott Township, just north of Tamarac Village. 

Laura Frances Toombs

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