Friday, July 29, 2011

Brossoit branch - part 2

Pictured is the billiard hall owned by George Brossoit in Stephen, MN.  He also owned the local "movie house" in the heart of downtown Stephen from 1917 to 1927 along with his business partner E. Champion.  During these years, the name of the movie house was called the Idle House Theater.  Movie admission was 10 cents and the movie operator was "Movie Johnson" who went from town to town showing "silent movies".  Talking movies did not come to Stephen until 1932.

The fifth child born to Alexander and Sophie was Orel Brossoit in Aug 1894.  When he was 21 years old he married Emma Erickson.  They had four children, Dorothy, Olive, Earl and EmyLou.

Armand Brossoit

The 1900 census reports that Sophie had given birth to 7 children by now but only 5 had survived until 1900.  This is also reported in the obituary written about Sophie.  I believe this is where they would have fit into the scheme of things as the next child to live until adulthood was Armand who was born seven years aqfter Orel in December of 1901.  Armand married Joan Beauleau, moved to Michigan and raised four children, Julian, Vincent, Christine and Raymond.

Omer Brossoit
The last child born to the Brossoit family was Omer Joseph Brossoit in Aug 1904.  Omer, always the Frenchman as were they all, loved music and many of the pictures feature Omer and his brothers carrying their violins and wearing their fedoras, looking like they just left the mob scene.  Omer was a hard-working, fun-loving fellow.  He, as well as his brothers worked as loggers, dug ditches and built bridges, worked in the stockyards in South St. Paul, hunted squirrels, duck and deer, fished,  played cribbage and 500, drank beer and whiskey, smoked a pipe, sang in French to the delight of his granddaughters, and in his later years, sought out bargains at garage and estate sales and never missed lunch at Old Country Buffet.

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