Monday, August 1, 2011

Another post on Omer

Omer's daughter, Barb, wrote back after reading about Omer, "Omer worked for Chrystler in Detroit and was offered a 'white collar' job but had to turn it down as he was called home to help care for his ailing mother.  He slept on the couch with a string tied to his toe so she could 'call' him if needed.  His dad (Alexander) married again after her death and Dad disliked the new wife.  I can't remember her name. 

My favorite story about Dad was he and Orel went to the church one Saturday am for confession.  The priest was not there so Dad got in the confessional and turned the priest light on.  Orel confessed to Dad and when the priest got there he had to break up a fist fight between the two brothers!"

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