Thursday, August 11, 2011

In Her Own Words, cont........(2)

The continuation of Ethel Hymers Glewwe's memoirs of moving to Saskatchewan in 1911.

          "Finally on the last day of this seemingly endless ride, Papa would say it is just over the ridge and then we would be over the ridge and there would be another ridge, and then it was there.  Mama said she knew as soon as she saw a field of green wheat swaying in the breeze like the waves of a green sea that she was home.  Papa stopped the oxen and they sat there and drank in the beauty of the vast country.  Mama said she forgot all the discomfort, the anxiety and the loneliness and the longing for those whom she left behind, and just fell in love with this new life.  This was a new beginning and from that day on she never regretted her decision in becoming a pioneer woman.  After all, her mother was also a pioneer when she left her homeland across the ocean, never to return.  With Papa beside her she could meet whatever was ahead.  As I grew up I looked over that same green field of waving wheat many times."

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