Thursday, August 25, 2011

Where I'm From

While perusing the genealogy blogs last night and undertaking the challenge put out by Tonia's Roots, I came across an entry on another site asking us to take the poem "Where I'm From" by George Ella Lyon, and make a poem about ourself using the template provided.  Here is my offering.

Where I'm From -- LouAnn Goossens -- August 2011

I am from music played on the piano to music sung on stage, from Kitchen-aids and Oil of Olay, to canned peaches and pickles, watercolor portraits and politics.

I am from the "big house on Wentworth", Christmas found in every room and sunshine streaming through the windows to warm the chilly winter days.

I am from Spirea and Tamarisk, the hyacinth and pussywillow.

I am from Easter morning breakfasts and big feet, from Glewwe's and Brossoit's and many generations staying in one spot, from close families and little Joe.

I am from storytellers and poets, from movers and shakers, from teachers and students.
From "God first, others second, me third" and Santa Claus.

I am from Catholics and Baptists and prayers before dinner, Sunday morning forums and Wednesday night rehearsals.

I'm from SSP and Argyle, Bridgepoint and Kaposia Days, cheesebuttons and applesauce to BBQ and booya.
From the produce department to the ladies dress shop, from the children's room at the library to the boardroom, from songs sung around the campfire to songs sung on Mama's lap.
I am from the scrapbooks in the closet, the boxes on the floor, costumes in the attic, decorations up at Christmas and the open arms of family.
I am from "A Place We Call Home."

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