Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ethel Hymers Glewwe, cont.

"Our Social Circle"          
        by Lu Jarvis

     Rollie Glewwe, whose mother, Ethel (Mrs. Reuben) Glewwe was chosen as one of Suburban Newspaper's "Personalities of the Year" last week, sent her a dozen gorgeous American beauty roses the next day.

     "If you're going to be 'Queen for a Day', we might as well do it up right", was Rollie's laughing comment.

     (His thoughtfulness gets him our own nomination as No. 1 Son of the year.)

     Reason we happened to know about the roses is that we glimpsed them on the dining table when we returned the old pictures we'd "filched" from some of the Glewwes to go with the story.  Ethel Glewwe, ..... was unaware of the purpose of our interview with her last week.

South St Paul Reporter Booster, Wednesday, Jan. 13, 1965 page 11

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