Monday, August 22, 2011

The Nascher Family

Lois Glewwe, when writing the Glewwe Family History book also wrote a short booklet about the Nascher family.  What follows is an excerpt from that paper.

   "Frank J Nascher and Ursula Marie Marxer, known as Mary Marxer, were both born in what was then Lichtenstein County, Germany.  Mary was born in the village of Furstenthur on May 3, 1863; Frank was born on February 10, 1859, presumably in the same village.  According to family stories, Mary met Frank at a village festival.  She knew he was from "up on the hill," and therefore someone important in the village.  There was an unwritten rule at that time that you could not go courting on Friday nights; if you did, it would be an insult to the young lady.  Thus, Frank J Nascher, who had been given the strictest orders not to associate with the peasant girls from the village, was nevertheless watched closely, except on Friday night, when it was certain he wouldn't attempt to speak to a young lady.
  One afternoon, however, Mary was in the barn feeding the chickens when Frank came around the corner of the shed.  She said that at first she was very angry with him, but he told her that he loved her and just had to see her.  They began to meet secretly on Fridays and their love grew.  When Frank told his uncle, who was governor of the village at the time, that he wanted to marry Mary, he was disinherited.  Despite these efforts to end the romance, Frank and Mary were married on May 6, 1882.  They left a few months later for Minnesota, where Mary's oldest brother, Joseph Marxer had settled."

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