Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Talented Tuesdays - And the Beat Goes On..........

Talented Tuesday – Got ancestors who had a special talent? Be it musical, comical, or any manner of skill, post at your genealogy blog through words and pictures.

When I think of someone with talent, my first thought is "who's musical?"  Today I thought of my brother, Kelton Glewwe.  He's been drumming since he was in diapers, if not on his knees then on the back of a chair with a pen or whatever was convenient.  He officially took lessons in 5th and 6th grade and was instrumental in starting the Marching Band in South St. Paul High School under the direction of Mr. Royce Morrissette.  He played drumset, snare, or quads for the South St Paul Stridesetters, Blue Knights, Rivermen, MN Brass and his high school band, Ramshackle.  He also played in the World's Largest Marching Band back in the early 80's when "Music Man" Meredith Wilson came to town.  And the beat goes on..........

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