Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas 1957 & 1958

Came across another picture of my sister and I, back during the Christmas season, 1957.  My mother would dress us in matching dresses, a tradition I continued with my children when they were small.  I laugh when I look at the decorations that are atop the piano.  The candleholder was a white birch log with two holes drilled into it.  We used it for many years.  I think if I were to look for it in the attic, I may still come across it.  And the stuffed animals.  I hope the small plant did not take the place of a Christmas tree.   I loved that piano.  It was black mahogany and I learned how to play the piano on it.  My folks traded it in for an electric spinet organ back in the middle 60's.  Today I own a mahogany spinet upright piano.  I played it for years until we got a baby grand piano.  Now the old upright sits forlorn in the basement.

Our folks sent out picture cards for many years early in their married life.  Because my father worked for the family grocery store, loved marketing and has a  "presentation is everything" mentality, he would set up photo sets to use for their Christmas cards. 

Christmas Card 1957

There are many shots of this setup, some of us singing, some of us laughing and some of us looking at the lamppole which looked like it was about to fall.  The following year brought about the decorations used at the store....

 Christmas Card 1958

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