Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Cards - the early years

     I don't know why picture Christmas cards became so popular?  Was it because cameras became smaller and easier to use, developing of film became cheaper, flashbulbs became built-in on the camera?  A combination of all the above and more, I'm sure.  The picture below is my favorite of all of the Christmas cards that my dad took of us kids.  This one dates from 1960.  I loved the setup of the picture and I remember wondering why the presents were here when we took the picture but then disappeared by the next day.

   I can't find a card from 1961, but this was the year of the photo below (judging by the size of Scott).  The blue snowsuit that he has on... the hat is still floating around in the attic.  I don't remember cutting this tree down, but by looking at the branches that are pointing up and the lack of other trees, I'm sure this one was purchased at a tree lot.

   The first of the color pictures that were set up for Christmas.  This one is from 1962.  My sister, Rae, and I and had matching dresses. I like to think that they saw "The Sound of Music" stage production and these dresses reminded my mother of it.  This dress was "One of My Favorite Things" for many years.  The beagle's name was Suzie.  All I remember of her was that she was Rae's favorite and ran away a lot.  We were always running down the street, chasing after her.

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