Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas cards - the late 60's

Christmas 1966
     I have to smile when I think back on the making of the Christmas cards for our family.  It became such a stressful time, not unlike today for others.  In this photo card sent in 1966, we stopped having matching outfits, the tree (again white, flocked!) had blue ornaments which were not part of a coordinated effort that was put into earlier years.  There were a few (2) small presents under the tree (which by it's location would have been in front of the entryway into the room. Scott had no shoes on, and Rae, judging by this photo had either a very short dress on, or was missing her pants!  Dad was never available as he had been elected to the State Senate, Scott had just started kindergarten, Barbara was still underfoot and Mom was expecting her 5th child!  No wonder it was so stressful!

Christmas 1967
A letter (written presumebly by the baby, Kelton) accompanied each card.  It read,

"Hi Folks!

     First chance I've had to formally introduce myself since I arrived at the Glewwe's July's Kelton Edward Glewwe...friends call me Kel or Kelly, and I weighed in at 7 lbs, 3 oz. wringing wet.  Joan (that's my Mom) says I'm still wet most of the time but she loves me anyway.

     I can't quite sit up yet, but it's my job to keep track of the activities and goings on that make things pretty hectic around our house.  Prior to my arrival, Dad was in session at the Capitol (whatever that means) so some of the chores around the house were put off 'til this summer.  But now that the kitchen has a new coat of paint and the beds have been shuffled around for the fifth time, I've managed to squeeze in and share a room with my big brother Scott--he's seven and breaks things.

     My oldest sister, Rae Marie, is 13 and she's out babysitting for the neighbors most of the time.....that's when she's not taking care of me, playing records or doing the things older sisters do around the house.
     LouAnn (she's 12) and Rae catch the bus for Junior High every morning so I don't see them most of the day.  I kinda miss's so quiet when she's gone...but at noon all that changes when my kid sister (she's 5 years older then me) comes home from school and tickles my belly.  Everybody calls her Barbie and Daddy says she can twist him around her finger like a piece of string.

     We had a lot of excitement around here lask week when Aunt Barbara (that's Mom's sister) got married...never saw so many people peeking and poking at me; I thought I was back in the hospital nursery.
     In September Dad got his hair cut short (Mom doesn't like it that way) and went back to college to get a degree in business administration.  When I asked him how his marks were he said, "Well, they know I'm not cheating."

     Mom spends most of her time washing, ironing, cooking and correcting the spelling of her school-bound boarders.....Sometimes after everyone's gone and things quiet down, she sneaks a few minutes and plays a song for me on the organ.  I like "O Holy Night" the best.

     Oh! Oh! It's time for my nap and here comes Mom.  Just one more line before I go,



P.S.  Happy New Year too!

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