Friday, November 4, 2011

Glewwe Grocery Store 1938

     Glewwe's Grocery Store played such a big part of our growing up in South St Paul.  It's final location ended up on the corner of 5th and Marie Avenue.  Center of town, close to the high school, down the street from the rest of the businesses and up the hill from City Hall, fire station and library, and Concord Street.  Everyone in the Glewwe family was expected to work there or as the family tree expanded, thought they would like to work there.  I even applied for a job there and was trained to be a checkout clerk, but the job never materialized, the old store burnt down due to a lightening/electrical fire, rebuilt, sold to others and eventually shut down.  It currently is home to Pro Pharmacy and the South St Paul Special School District #6.  But back then........

     From a photo taken in 1938 is Alma, Wesley and Ida Glewwe. Also a newspaper ad from about the same time.

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