Friday, November 18, 2011

Junior Champs June 1964

     I was looking through some old newspaper clippings last night and I came across a file with cuttings of my siblings when they were pictured in print.  Our town used to have its own daily paper paper called "The South St. Paul Reporter", an independent newspaper.  The South St Paul Jaycees ran their local competition for Jaycee Junior Champs in 1964 with our favorite athlete, competing in the broad jump and 50 yard dash, Miss Rae Marie Glewwe, age 10. 

Kids could compete in the following events: (Numbers following event indicates age span)
_____50 yard dash (10-13)                   _____ 220 yard relay (10-11)
_____75 yard dash (10-13)                   _____440 yard dash (12-15)
_____100 yard dash (14-15)                 _____running broad jump
_____220 yard dash                              _____high jump
_____440 yard dash (12-15)                 _____pole vault
_____120 yard low hurdles (14-15)      _____shot put (12-15)
_____baseball throw (10-11)                _____pentathlon (12-15)

Jaycee Junior Champs

The above picture was featured on the front page of the newspaper with the accompanied story and another picture on the inside sports page.  Rae Marie, always a faster runner than I, (as the bruises can attest) did well for herself at the event held Saturday, June 27, 1964, she came in second place at the 50 yard dash.  The news blurb states that the boys were going to advance to the state competition, but the girls, who also competed, were not eligible for the state meet.  Obviously before Title IX (1972) and laws requiring girls equal opportunity with athletics.

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