Thursday, November 3, 2011

S&H Green Stamps

Shop Where You See These Signs -
 'We Give Green Stamps' 

    And so read all the ads put out by Glewwe Grocery Store.  I remember Green Stamps.  Dad would bring them home from Glewwe's Grocery Store or with gas purchases.  You could even get them at Cameron's Liquor Store down on Concord Street.  I think you received one stamp for every 10 cents you spent.  We would lick the backs and put them into stamp books which would be redeemed for other items, household items big and small, gifts, even trips.  I don't remember what we redeemed books for, but I'm sure that Christmas gifts played a role. If you find some old stamp in the back corners of Grandma's kitchen drawers, they are still valid and can be redeemed for points!  

     When I asked my dad about Green Stamps, he also told me about Gold Stamps.  Gold Stamps were started by Curt Carlson of Minnesota, who turned his fortune into Carlson Companies and  the international renowned Radisson Hotels, Country Inn & Suites, T.G.I F., and Carlson Wagonlit Travel. 

      All from a little stamp.


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