Thursday, October 20, 2011

Call to Arms in 1870

    The Fenian Movement started in the 1850's in Ireland.  Its purpose was to fight for Ireland's independance from Great Britian.  After the Civil War in the United States, the Irish-Americans who had fought in the Union Army, banded together to take on the British forts in Canada.  They hoped that by overtaking the major forts and ports in Canada, that the British would conceed and give Ireland her freedom.  The Canadians who had banded together as a military group turned back the resistance of the Fenian Brotherhood.  As a reward they were given 160 arces of land.  In 1899, the Canadian General Service Medal was awarded to those men who had served in the forces that fought the Fenian Raids.

   Michel Brossoit, my 2nd cousin, 4 times removed, fought in the Fenian Raids in 1870.  He served in the 64th Voltigerus de Beauharnois and was awarded a medal for his efforts.

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