Friday, October 14, 2011

Saddle City

Below are excerpts from an article written for the South St Paul Reporter, Wednesday, February 20, 1963.  Rollin Glewwe, is just shy of his 30th birthday, past president of the SSP Jaycees, on the Chamber board, and Chairman of the South St. Paul's Chamber of Commerce "Saddle City" committee.

 "  SOUTH ST PAUL _ Continuing, expanded and stepped-up efforts to stimulate and improve retail and other commercial activities in South St. Paul are being launched by the Chamber of Commerce.
   Plans for an aggressive promotional campaign with such objectives were announced at the recent annual meeting of the organization by President Ed Rikess.
   The perennial parking problem is to receive continued attention, this being regarded as one of the prime requisites to any improvement in shopping adventures, opportunities and attractiveness, particularly in the "Downtown" district.
   Creation of some radically new facilities and possible development of new shopping and service areas are among the more ambitious projects which Chamber officers, committees and the membership generally have in mind."

(You have to know that at the time, Concord Street had not yet undergone redevelopment.  There was storefronts and bars up and down Concord.  There was no "Exchange Road" and a separate highway 55.  All traffic came through town, and both Armour's and Swifts were still open.)

   "The "Saddle City" project which is a bold and challenging conception has been proposed as a means of linking effectively the hill and downtown districts, a "split-level" arrangement that would utilize  system of ramps, escalators and other facilities making it easy and attractive for people to park and shop."

It continues....."On a long range basis the plan would include modernization along the west side of N. Concord south of Grand Ave., construction of new and modern fronts on Pitt Street for shops now fronting on the former street, utilization of present and new parking facilities in the area and linking of these with other shops. 
   There would be possibly a civic center on the upper level in the vicinity of and east and south of the public library.
   Glewwe said......."The main shopping center would be a 'side saddle' which in effect would 'marry' the hill and Concord districts with parking ramps and escalators.  Conceivably the plan would include civic features, an indoor pool, YWCA and other quarters."
   "The long range plan for Saddle City is to make it a regional center.  The short range plan is to remodel and rehabilitate Concord Street."

The article finishes up with "Besides being chairman of the Saddle City committee, he is the Chamber director assigned as advisor to the streets, highways and planning commission.  He is also a member of the city planning commission.
   He has carried over from the Junior Chamber of Commerce, of which he is still an active member, some of the projects which he had a part of in undertaking in that organization......He has served as president of the Jaycees and as regional secretary for that organiazation.  He has worked on virtually all of the major Jaycee community projects, such as the safety program, Junior Livestock show, Fourth of July celebration, theatrical productions, queen pagents, state Junior Chamber of Commerce election campaigns and others.
   With this background of civic activity it was not surprising tht he was elected a director of the Senior Chamber of Commerce some four years ago or that he was reelected to another term on that board recently.
   Nor is it to be wondered at that he has been saddled with leadership responsibilities in conncetion with the Saddle City project now high on the Chamber's agenda.
   As becomes a hard-riding member of the "Cowspokes," famed affiliate of the Chamber, he is always "rarin' to go!"
  Somehow he manages to find time to work on community projeucts in addition to his regular vocation on the staff of the Glewwe Food markets."

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