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Man of the Year - 1965

   Forty five ago!  That's how long it has been since Rol Glewwe was selected as South St Paul's "Man of the Year".  When South St Paul, MN recently celebrated The EVENT, benefiting "Beyond the Yellow Ribbon" campaign, they recognized Rol as a past chairman of the Chamber of Commerce.  I add to this acknowledgement an article that ran in the South St Paul Reporter, our local daily paper (but no longer in existence!)

Our Choice For '65 . . .
Man of The Year - Rollin Glewwe
By Lauren Claymen

"He is one of those vital, willing and conscientious personalities on the progress and growth of South St. Paul.  Through his efforts, the community has developed and enlarged.  He is a driving force in its future.

   He is Rollin Glewwe, choice as South St Paul's Man of the Year for 1965.  Glewwe, 34, 138 W. MacArthur, is considered by his friends and co-workers as an individual who when given a task completes it, and then some.

His Beginning
   Born May 2, 1933 in SSP to Reuben and Ethel Glewwe, 147 - 15th Ave. S., he is the only boy in a family of three.  Included are sisters Mrs. Gerald Miller, 1345 - 9th Ave. S. SSP librarian and Lois Glewwe, SSP high school sophomore.
   Throughout elementary, junior and senior high school, Rollin displayed initiative and aggressiveness in what ever he did.  As his mother commented, 'if he was going to break his arm, he would break it good.  He never did anything in a partial manner.'

Started By Packing Potatoes
   Rollin started earning his way in the fifth grade, packing potatoes and oranges at Glewwe Food Store.  He continued there through his high school years, gradually working his way to his present position as Produce Manager.

"Great Want"
   It was during his junior high years that Rollin developed one of his "greatest wants,' owning his own car.  His father was in garage work and the car business.  Rollin wanted a car, but was told he would have to earn money to buy it.  He combined working in the store with a paper route when 14.
  'In two years he saved $115, the amount needed,' Mrs. Glewwe explained. "We bought the car, but he still couldn't drive it because he didn't have a drivers license.  In the months before he received his license, he and a neighbor boy took the car apart and put it together again, shining it so much that we thought they would take the paint off.'
   'When he got his licence he was the happiest boy in the world.  During the winter when the car wouldn't start, the boys would push it to school.  He kept the vehicle for about three years, then junked it,' Mrs. Glewwe stated.

High School Honors
   While at South St. Paul High School he was active in just about everything offered, records show.
    He was junior and senior high president, first president of the Student Council, all suburban conference football player for two years, basketball player, Senior Citizen, an award voted on by the teachers, and given two outstanding seniors, on the 1949 All-State Championship football team (the only championship SSP has won) and was in the top 10 percent of his 1951 graduation class.
   Rollin enrolled at the university of Minnesota, taking a two year general business course.

HS Tragedy
   It was in October 1950 that Rollin suffered a football injury that required two brain operations.  He spent six weeks in the hospital and then weeks at home recuperating.
   His injury brought pressure on high schools to offer insurance protection to football players.

   In 1953 he married his high school sweetheart, Joan Brossoit, also a SSP native.  They have four children, Rae Marie, 11, LouAnn, 10, Scott, 5, and Barbara, 3.

Community Activities
   Rollin became active in SSP development by serving on numerous committees.
   He served as past president of the 'S' Club, his high school alumni association, Jaycee secretary, state director twice, vice president and then president.  He was Jaycee DSA winner in 1962, president of the SSP Development Corp., 1966 United Fund president, Chamber of Commerce president in 1965 and is now on the board of Directors, active in politics and is listed in 'Who's Who of Minnesota.'
   Serving as one of the youngest C. of C. presidents, Rollin administered such projects as: Getting $10 million in new industrial plants and facilities, originating first official studies and surveys for renewal of the Concord St. area, forming SSP Development Corp., working on contracts for 2.7 mile of permanent flood wall, finalizing plans fir a $500,000 addition to the SSP Post Office, creating a new city charter commission, establishing a new high for the Chamber budget.

Managers Comment
   Wendall Maltby, Chamber executive manager said that the Chamber year was active and progressive under Rollin.

Outside Hobbies
   During his spare time, which Joan explains isn't much, Rollin is a sign painter for several organizations, enjoys bridge and free-hand painting.
   'He doesn't get a chance to participate in these activities ofter,' Joan explained, 'because of all the committee meetings and outside projects.'"



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