Friday, October 14, 2011

October Ten or more Lists - Babies Week 3

Being the mother of five children, I am always amazed when I think back on the mothers of earlier generations who had more children, a LOT MORE children!  I think of how small their houses were, how they did not have indoor plumbing or electricity and all of the entertainment that came from these.  Sure they had books, and my family certainly has many a bookshelf overflowing with the printed word, but still.  All those mouths to feed three times a day, the laundry, even just combing of long hair!  Mothers were certainly saints in my view.

This week I present the next great woman from my family tree who bore many children. Eleven for sure, although some published trees put this number at 12.  But I think she would have been too old for this folly.

My paternal GGGG grandmother Elizabeth Force married Benjamin Kipp when she was 18 years old,  on 20 April 1836 in Burford, Canada.  Within eleven months she gave birth to my GGG grandfather, Hamilton Kipp.  And so I present the Kipps

Hamilton (1837 - 1885)
Isaac (1839 - 1921)
Disree (1840 - 1849)
Henry (1842 - 1930)
Elizabeth Ann (1845 - 1875)
Melissa Jane (1847 - 1929)
Alfred (1849 - 1940)
William ( 1851 - 1852)
Mahlon Taylor (1853 -       )
Cadelia Louisa (1858 - 1918)
William Henry (1862 - 1921)

For those in my family who wonder where this name comes in
Hamilton Kipp married Orilla Lewis.
Their oldest daughter, Rozilla Kipp married John George Hymers,
Their son Francis George Hymers married Caroline "Lena" Nascher
and "now you know the rest of the story".

If I follow others work on the Kipp family they trace the name all the way back to the 1500's to a Ruloff De Kype in Holland/France.  (But as I read more genealogy blogs and footnotes of research done and making sure that what I quote is accurate, I stop much earlier in my claim.)

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