Thursday, October 27, 2011

October 10 or more lists - Babies galore

My last post on 10 or more children came from my GGGG grandmother from my father's side.  Today I present you with my GGGG grandmother from my mother's tree, Angelique Desjarlais.

Angelique was born 02 June 1765 somewhere in Canada, I believe.  I haven't done much research for this family this far back because it wasn't fast and easy.  Since I am now a member of the MN Genealogical Society, I have a new mission to stop in and research the Trepanier line in more detail.

But, I digress.

Angelique married Jean-Francois Trepanier on 23 Oct 1786 in Reviere du Loup, Louiseville, Maskinonge, Quebec.  From this union came 10 children.

Marie Louise  8 Nov 1787
Francois   03 Apr 1789
Angele   28 Oct 1790
Pierre   28 May 1792
Jean Baptiste   20 Apr 1794
Paul   11 Sep 1796
Marie Archage   13Jun 1798
Louis Abraham   16 Jan 1800
Joseph 08 Aug 1804
Emilie  19 Jul 1807

I have no additional information on them so I have a lot of work to do.  I have some discrepency of names and dates but most of the research on-line follows these dates.

It make me think of the ditty
"A man will work from sun to sun,
A woman's work is never done."

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